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1 acceptance of despair [syn: resignation]
2 a verbal act of admitting defeat [syn: giving up, yielding]
3 the delivery of a principal into lawful custody
4 the act of surrendering (under agreed conditions); "they were protected until the capitulation of the fort" [syn: capitulation, fall]


1 give up or agree to forego to the power or possession of another; "The last Taleban fighters finally surrendered" [syn: give up] [ant: resist]
2 relinquish possession or control over; "The squatters had to surrender the building after the police moved in" [syn: cede, deliver, give up]
3 relinquish to the power of another; yield to the control of another [syn: relinquish]

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Anglo-Norman, representing Old French surrendre, from sur- + rendre ‘render’.




  1. To give up into the power, control, or possession of another; specifically (Military) to yield (land, a town, etc.) to an enemy.
  2. italbrac intransitive or reflexive To give oneself up into the power of another, especially as a prisoner; to submit or give in to.


transitive: to give up into the power, control, or possession of another
  • Estonian: loovutama
  • Finnish: luovuttaa
  • Japanese: qualifier military 降服する, 投降する; qualifier criminal 自首する; qualifier property 譲渡する, 放棄する
  • Russian: сдавать , сдать
intransitive or reflexive: to give oneself up into the power of another
  • Estonian: alistuma
  • Finnish: antautua
  • Japanese: qualifier military 降服する, 投降する; qualifier criminal 自首する; qualifier property 譲渡する, 放棄する
  • Russian: сдаваться , сдаться
  • Spanish: rendirse
  • Swedish: ge sig


  1. An act of surrendering, submission into the possession of another; abandonment, resignation.
  2. The yielding or delivery of a possession in response to a demand.
  3. law property law The yielding of the leasehold estate by the lessee to the landlord, so that the tenancy for years merges in the reversion and no longer exists.


an act of surrendering
the yielding or delivery of a possession in response to a demand
law, property law: the yielding of the leasehold estate by the lessee to the landlord
  • Finnish: luovutus
  • Japanese: qualifier property 譲渡

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Surrender or surrendering may refer to:

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  • "SurRender", a commercial 3D rendering engine from Hybrid that was available in the late '90s, before being abandoned. See also: dPVS

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  • The Indian man's name Surindar or Surender or similar.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

abalienate, abalienation, abandon, abandonment, abatement of differences, abdicate, abdication, abjuration, abjure, abjurement, accommodate, accommodation, accordance, acknowledge defeat, acquiesce, adjust, adjustment, alien, alienate, alienation, amortization, amortize, amortizement, appeasement, arrangement, assign, assignation, assignment, award, awarding, bargain, bargain and sale, barter, beg a truce, bequeath, bequeathal, bestowal, bestowment, capitulate, capitulation, cease, cede, ceding, cession, circulate, come across with, come to terms, commit, communication, comply, compose, composition, compound, compromise, concede, concession, confer, conferment, conferral, consign, consignation, consignment, contribution, convey, conveyance, conveyancing, cop out, cop-out, crumble, cry pax, cry quits, deal, deed, deed over, deeding, deliver, deliver over, deliverance, delivery, demise, desertion of principle, desist from, devolve upon, disgorge, dispensation, dispense with, disposal, dispose of, disposition, distribute, do without, donation, drop, dropping out, duck responsibility, dump, dumping, endowment, enfeoff, enfeoffment, entrust, evade responsibility, evasion of responsibility, exchange, forgo, forgoing, fork over, forsake, forswear, forswearing, forward, furnishment, get along without, get rid of, getting rid of, gifting, give, give and take, give away, give in, give out, give over, give title to, give up, give way, give-and-take, giving, giving in, giving over, giving up, giving way, go down, go fifty-fifty, go under, grant, granting, hand, hand down, hand in, hand on, hand out, hand over, handing over, have done with, impartation, impartment, implore mercy, investiture, kiss good-bye, lay down, lease and release, leave, leave off, letting go, liberality, make a deal, make a sacrifice, make an adjustment, make concessions, make over, meet halfway, mutual concession, negotiate, offer, part with, pass, pass on, pass out, pass over, play politics, pray for quarter, presentation, presentment, provision, quit, quitclaim, reach, reach a compromise, recant, recantation, recedence, recession, release, relinquish, relinquishment, render, render up, renounce, renouncement, renunciation, resign, resignation, retract, retraction, retreat, riddance, sacrifice, sale, say uncle, sell, settle, settle on, settlement, settling, sign away, sign over, spare, split the difference, strike a balance, strike a bargain, submission, submit, subscription, succumb, supplying, swear off, swearing off, take the mean, throw up, trade, trading, transfer, transference, transferral, transmission, transmit, transmittal, turn in, turn over, turn up, turning over, understanding, vacate, vesting, vouchsafement, waive, waiver, white flag, withdrawing, yield, yield the palm, yielding
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